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Nautic SUP Paris Crossing 2014


Nautic Paddle – крупнейшие соревнования мира по гребле стоя

Немного о самом мероприятии Nautic Paddle

Nautic Paddle” (ранее “Nautic SUP Paris Crossing”) – самые крупные гонки по сап-сёрфингу в мире, в рамках которой на одной стартовой линии встречаются как профессионалы, так и новички состояться в Париже в воскресенье 9 декабря 2018 года.

На соревнованиях 2017 года принимало участие 700 райдеров; в этом году, по последним данным, организаторы ждут около 800 саперов, которые, созерцая живописные панорамы города, пересекут Париж по реке Сена.

Это мероприятие — важнейшее событие для всей Франции и сап-сообщества в целом, которое станет уже 9-ым и будет проведено утром 9 декабря 2018 года.

Расскажем о заездах

Участникам будет предложено два вида дистанции:

  • заезд для любителей, составляющий примерно 11км;
  • заезд для профи – 13,5км, в который включены дополнительные трудности: маршрут вокруг островов Сите и Сен-Луи.

Райдеры стартуют от Национальной библиотеки Франции и финишируют в районе станции Жабел.

Такой неординарный маршрут, от квартала Берси и до центра Парижа, позволит участникам насладиться на своём пути великолепными видами мостов через Сену.


В 2017 году появилось много нового:

  • количество участников было увеличено на сто единиц;
  • была введена новая категория участников – “любители, девушки” (для девушек, не достигших 18 лет);
  • В прошлом году колоссальную поддержку в проведении такого мероприятия в Париже оказала компания “Телетон”. Безусловно, благодаря организаторам из “Телетон”, прошлогоднее событие надолго останется в сердцах участников тех соревнований. Во избежание возникновения разного рода трудностей в организации соревнований, а также для скорейшего их устранения, при возникновении, приветствуются добровольные пожертвования. Вы можете оказать помощь посредством сайта “Nautic SUP Paris Crossing” или напрямую через портал компании “Телетон”.

Nautic SUP Paris Crossing 2014

In brief: France’s Arthur Arutkin and Spaniard Susak Molinero have won the world’s largest SUP race, as 700 paddlers braved zero-degree weather today to participate in the bucket list adventure that is the Paris Crossing.

Arthur won a photo finish with defending champ Bruno Hasulyo, while the Viking Casper Steinfath was just seconds behind. Susak was a clear winner in the women’s, with Frenchwoman Melanie Lafenetre claiming the runner-up spot.

But the real result from today’s race was the number of paddlers on the start line… → READ MORE

Paris, Perth and Tahiti — It’s The “Last Big Weekend of the Year”

Although the “regular season” wraps up on the shores of Doheny in early October, the real season never seems to end. We’re already thinking about 2018 but we’ve still got a trio of big races to wrap up, with Paris, Perth and French Polynesia all hosting great events this weekend.

It’s going to be a busy few days, so here’s what/where/when (and who) to follow. → READ MORE

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The ‘Paris Crossing’ Is Now 700 Paddlers Strong as the World’s Biggest Race Gets Even Bigger

The biggest race in the world is about to get even bigger: the Paris Crossing has added 100 additional entries this year, breaking its own previous record and setting a new and rather incredible mark of 700 paddlers standing on the same start line.

Offering the unique opportunity of paddling down the River Seine past the Eiffel Tower and other iconic landmarks, the Paris Crossing has quietly built itself into a mammoth event over the past few years by focusing the race on being a memorable experience. It’s a true “Bucket List” race if there ever was one. → READ MORE

World Rankings: Here Are SUP Racer’s Star Ratings for Season 2017 (aka the Biggest Races in the World This Year)

Two weeks ago, I sent out a survey to each of the world’s top-ranked paddlers asking which events they’d be competing in this year. The goal was to paint a picture of the biggest races in the world, which I think is not only an interesting insight for everyone in the sport to analyse, it also helps me to set clear ‘star ratings’ that will produce an ever more accurate World Rankings leaderboard.

Here are the results… → READ MORE

Photo of the Week: Paris Crossing

Bruno Hasulyo Powers to Victory as 600 Paddlers Invade Paris; Susak Molinero Women’s Champ (Updated with Full Results)

Team Starboard’s Bruno Hasulyo has won the 2016 Paris Crossing ahead of a record field of competitors, capping off a year that included victory at the prestigious 11 City Tour and cementing his reputation as a flat water powerhouse.

Following the spectacular sight of 600 paddlers – the most ever seen in a SUP race – standing on the start line in the heart of Paris at dawn, Bruno quickly broke away from the other contenders and never looked back, slowly but surely increasing his lead the entire way before crossing the line almost a minute clear. → READ MORE

TotalSUP is live streaming the Paris Crossing race on Facebook.

The Last Big Weekend of the Year: Paris, Perth and Pain in Paradise

After a year that feels like it started half a decade ago, we’re finally about to bring the curtain down on season 2016, with the ‘last big weekend of the year’ set to feature points races in Paris and Perth and a torturous specialty event in Tahiti.

Here’s a quick at what’s in store over the next couple of days… → READ MORE

Top 15 of 2015: The Most Popular Videos of the Year

As the year draws to a close and we reflect back on 12 months of paddling adventures, one thing that stands out is just how many awesome SUP videos were released in 2015.

From Carolina to Oregon to Doheny to Paris to Perth and virtually everywhere in between, there have been a tonne of awesome edits from the paddling community this year. Here are 15 of the best… → READ MORE

Titouan Puyo Outlasts Casper Steinfath to Win the 500-Strong ‘Paris Crossing’ (Full Results)

Titouan Puyo has outlasted Casper Steinfath to claim back-to-back Paris Crossing titles, as 500 paddlers hit the River Seine today for the largest SUP race in the world.

Titou and Casper broke away early after a hectic start, taking advantage of the choppy conditions thrown up by the lead boats to gap their fellow contenders. The pair worked together and extended their lead over the entire 13.8km course, before Titou finally pulled clear in the final few hundred metres to win by 11 seconds. → READ MORE

The Paris Crossing: World’s Biggest SUP Race Sells Out All 400 Entries in Just 26 Minutes

Remember that big race in Paris each December? Where hundreds of paddlers brave the dark, freezing conditions of the European winter for a rare chance to paddle down the River Seine, through the heart of the French capital, past the Eiffel Tower and all? Well it’s happening again this year, but don’t bother signing up: Registration just sold out in less than an hour.

Entries for the 2015 Paris Crossing, which is part of the big “Salon Nautique de Paris” boat show, opened up at 6pm local time on Tuesday, September 15th. By 6:26pm there were 400 paddlers signed up and a sign on the official Facebook page saying “Sold Out.” → READ MORE

Titouan Puyo, Casper Steinfath Victorious In Paris As 400 SUPs Invade The River Seine (FULL RESULTS + RANKINGS UPDATE)

Titouan Puyo, Casper Steinfath and Celine Guesdon have dominated the 2014 Paris Crossing, as a record 400 stand up paddlers invaded the iconic River Seine on Sunday. In what will surely go down as the single biggest race of the year, Titou won the distance event while Casper took the pool sprints and the overall title.

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The main event, the iconic long distance race that includes a passage right by the Eiffel Tower, started just after dawn on a crisp but clear winter’s day in the French capital. Right from the start Titou and Casper broke away and were never challenged. Kai Lenny started strong but clearly wasn’t in his element, unable to keep the pace of the main chase pack that was being led by French SUP stalwart Gaetan Sene. → READ MORE

Thought the season was over? The season is never over… Here Are Four Big Races Still To Come In 2014

So you thought the SUP racing season was over huh? Nope… The SUP racing season is never over.

While the Battle of the Paddle may have come and gone for another year, there are still plenty of big stand up paddle races left to run before New Year’s.

From Perth to Paris, Bora Bora to Brazil, here are four of the biggest… → READ MORE

One Of The Biggest Races In The World Just Opened For Registration …And Then Sold Out In 10 Hours

The Nautic SUP Paris Crossing – one of the biggest stand up paddle events in the entire world – opened for registration on Monday morning. By Monday evening the event had completely sold out.

Outside of Molokai, where the solo divisions filled up within just a few hours earlier this year, I’ve never heard of a race being in such high demand. Though it’s not hard to see why: Competitors in the Paris Crossing get to paddle down the famous River Seine, through the heart of Paris and pass iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower. → READ MORE

Watch As 300 Paddlers Brave The Cold To Race Through Paris

Here’s the official vid from the 2013 “Nautic SUP Paris Crossing” race, which was won by Leonard Nika and Marie Buchanan on the weekend and saw over 300 paddlers brave the cold for a chance to paddle through the heart of the French capital.

Conditions were freezing but the sights were rather spectacular… one for the bucket list maybe? → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Leonard Nika And Marie Buchanan Win In Paris

While much of the stand up paddling community had their eyes fixed on Puerto Rico the past couple of days, there was actually another major race happening on the other side of the Atlantic. The annual “Paris SUP Crossing” attracts hundreds of paddlers to the River Seine, the waterway that flows through the heart of the French capital, for a cold but spectacular weekend of racing.

With reigning champion Eric Terrien battling Danny and Jake at Paddle Royal, the door was left open to some of Europe’s other leading lights, with Italy’s Leo Nika stepping it up to claim the win ahead of some serious French talent that included new national champion Titouan Puyo and racing stalwart Gaetene Sene. Meanwhile Marie Buchanan was too strong in the women’s event, taking out rising Euro star Manca Notar. → READ MORE

The Last Big Weekend Of The Year: Four Races In Four Very Exotic Locations In Four Totally Different Corners Of The Globe

It’s not just the last big race of the year, it’s the last big weekend of the year.

In what is perhaps the most exotic weekend for Stand Up Paddle racing ever, we’re going to see four races, in four corners of the globe (can a globe have corners?) and in four very cool locations: Puerto Rico, Paris, Tahiti, Mauritius. → READ MORE

Watch 200 Paddlers Race Down The River Seine In Paris

Here’s a great edit from the 2012 Nautic SUP Paris Crossing, which was held in the French capital yesterday.

In only its second year, the Paris Crossing has become one of the biggest events on the European SUP Racing calendar. It’s right up there with races like the SUP Race Cup in St. Maxime and the (now defunct) Jever SUP World Cup in Hamburg. This year there was a record turnout, as 200 paddlers braved the dawn start and 4 degree temperature for a chance to paddle the famous River Seine. They were rewarded with the rare chance to glide under historic bridges and past the Eiffel Tower. It was quite possibly the most romantic SUP race of the year… → READ MORE

Exclusive: Marcus Hansen Interview before the Nautic SUP Paris Crossing

It’s been an explosive start to the NZ SUP race season with this 25 year old pro winning everything he’s entered, including all elite races at the City Surf Series, Takapuna Beach Series and the Orewa Beach Series to date. In the highly competitive Auckland race scene, this perfect scorecard over seven races in varying conditions has rarely been seen, but is all in a day’s work for the Whangarei-based Hansen. Sponsored by NSP in ternational, Marcus had a successful world tour campaign in Europe this year and has unfinished business back on tour in 2018.

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We caught up with him after last night’s Orewa Beach Series Race #2.

It’s been great to have you racing here at the start of the season, how’s it been going for you?

It’s been fun. I’ve won a few of the local races and it’s great to see the New Zealanders again after my Europe adventure. We’ve had some varied conditions, including a testing surf day last Sunday at Orewa which was fun, some good beach race conditions and some flat-water grinds as well. I’ve enjoyed it.

Who’s the main local competition this season?

MARCUS: Well, unfortunately Ollie Houghton or JP Tobin haven’t been coming out to play but Gavin and Jeremy, Anthony, Matt, Sam, Hans, Mike and others have been giving it their all. What Auckland’s got is pretty awesome, we’ve got so many quality well-organised races, two or three a week through the summer, a huge bunch of guys and girls who turn up to these races religiously and the standard is really high I think.

What do you reckon could be done to improve the local scene?

I think it would be cool to vary the conditions and mix up the locations a bit; some flatwater river racing, downwinders, more beach racing, we’ve got plenty of harbour racing already.

You’ve been using very narrow, tippy boards this year, what’s the story with that?

The narrower you go, the faster you go as long as you’re still standing. Yeah, the whole world’s trending to narrower boards because they’ve got the speed. As soon as you’re falling off in a race – they’re no good, so you may as well train on a tippy one at least, and hopefully use it with confidence when you can.

So what’s next for Marcus Hansen?

I’m off on Tuesday morning to 5 degrees cold Germany to pick up my boards and drive to Paris, where next Sunday I’ll be racing in the Paris Crossing. It’s a huge event – 1300 people tried to register this year and there were only 600 spots available. So the massive Paris canal with 600 racers on the start-line should be quite an experience!

Well, good luck with that mate! What’s after that?

I’ll be hanging with my German girlfriend Noelani till Christmas, so that will be nice, then heading home to NZ, to Whangamata with family, then back into the NZ racing till April when I’ll hopefully be back to Europe.

Nautic SUP Paris Crossing 2014

World’s Largest SUP Events

Every year SUP athletes and enthusiasts of all levels travel around the world to compete in some of the biggest and most challenging events in the sport. Whether it’s technical courses or endurance races, downwind or surf, there are a handful of major events that have have reigned supreme within the SUP community over the past few years.

  • January 16, 2020
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Paris SUP Open Ends The Racing Season With a Bang

With 1,000 athletes taking off in the dark to paddle the iconic Nautic Paddle route west along the River Seine, Paris came alive for the final day of action at the Paris SUP Open, the climactic final event of the 2019 APP World Tour.

  • December 9, 2019
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Paris Replaces Brazil As The APP World Tour Final For 2019

We have been very much looking forward to returning to Brazil for this widely anticipated stop of the 2019 season, and while it will not serve as the APP World Tour Finals as planned (due to logistical and sponsorship challenges), it will be a premier APP World Qualifying Series Race as we lead into an exciting new era for the APP in 2020.

  • July 10, 2019
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APP Tour Joins Forces with World’s Largest SUP Race

On December 8th & 9th, the APP World Tour finishes its racing season with the World’s Largest Participatory Race in Paris. This third and final stop on the 2018 World Tour will be where the 2018 APP World Champions for SUP racing will be crowned.

  • August 6, 2018
  • Published in News

Paris Nautic SUP Crossing 2015 Video

In the days following the tragedies in Paris, many were unsure if the 2015 Nautic SUP Crossing in Paris, France would go on as planned. We’re happy to report that the iconic race did go on as planned and it was an amazing day on the Seine river. The highlights video from this event is in the video below, take a look and enjoy!

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