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Яхта недели: Mulder Solis

Superyacht of the Week: the 34m Mulder Solis

In today’s fast-paced rat race there is a saying that names time as the ultimate luxury. If this is in fact the truth, it would seem that the owning family of the new 34 metre Mulder superyacht Solis will be spending considerably more of this valuable commodity on their new home away from home. SYT was invited on board to learn more about the concept behind the ray of sunlight known as Solis.

Founded in 1938, Dutch shipyard Mulder’s strengths and focusses have become synonymous with a classic and unmistakable typical Dutch style of yachts. When Solis was launched in 2015, Mulder proved that they are ready to explore a more contemporary approach to the future of their line of yachts, all the while retaining those family values and handcrafted sense of construction that the yard has come to be known for. Their largest yacht to date goes beyond measure in confirming not only their ability in building ever larger yachts, but their commitment to delivering a custom product that is driven by their passion for all things yachts.

BN100 as Solis was known during her build stages, was the first project that Mulder on worked together with British design studio Claydon Reeves. James Claydon and Mike Reeves managed to flawlessly blend together the desires and requests from the owners with a recognisable Mulder profile into a never-before-seen classic contemporary styled superyacht. Working together with project manager, IYR CEO, and former megayacht captain Stephen White, Mulder delivered Solis to her owners on schedule, in budget and to a level far above specified by class specifications.

The owning family made it very clear from the beginning that they were not interested in an excessively large yacht. Instead, their lifestyle and requirements are better suited to the more manageable spaces that Solis offers. The layout conceived by Claydon Reeves ensures that guests will be able to stay interacted while on board, without experiencing the feeling of confinement, so often seen on yachts of this size. Wide and open deck spaces, good visibility from one guest area to another, and an overall sense of flow throughout the yacht all contributes to the family-friendly vision the owners wanted to achieve.

The sundeck area is divided into two areas, each serving its own purpose. A raised area forward provides an excellent view forward over the bow and on either side of the yacht. This space – which houses a comfortable half-moon dining area – is completely shaded under a large hard top canopy without interfering with the overall profile. The base supports for the structure forms a gap that provides a uninterrupted view from in board, and has been turned into a recognisable feature while admiring the yacht from outside.

The aft section is where the on board Jacuzzi is located, fitted with a semi wet bar. The area is neatly rounded off with a stainless railing and wooden capping rail. A raised sun bed platform not only provides the ideal sun bathing spot on the yacht, but cleverly opens up to reveal the SOLAS MOB craft.

A concealed staircase leads one down nearly amidships on the starboard side main deck. Here one can appreciate one of the many superyacht features on board, commonly found only on much larger yachts. The wide walk-around side decks, solid capping rails, full height windows and dual tone paint accents all reminds one of a vessel not very dissimilar to a 40m+ yacht, but speaks more about the Mulder build quality stamp than the size of the yacht.

The transparent approach to Solis’ layout and guest use is continued on the aft deck. With the sliding doors on each side of the main salon opened, it is perhaps only the feeling of the sun on one’s skin that will be the difference between the indoor and outdoor areas. A single piece of curved glass acts as the transom where the yacht’s name is also displayed. This feature lights up at night to reveal a striking and unique display while also creating an added spacious feeling during the day.

The interior, also the work of the British duo responsible for the exterior design, consists of a tasteful blend of sharp and curved forms decorated in welcoming natural materials. A large and very bright lounge area is separated from the main dining room by a bar placed in the centre of the main salon.

The dining area has its own full height sliding door which leads out on to a fold-down terrace. This feature is sure to add another dimension to a space which can as easily host an informal breakfast as a grand evening dinner.

Moving forward towards the VIP cabin, one passes through an atrium-like corridor from where the bridge and day head can be accessed.

Conventional motor yacht layouts might have you thinking that it is the master cabin located forward on the main deck. And considering all the unique elements and amenities in this cabin, you might yet come to the same conclusion. It is in fact the VIP cabin, and because of the walk-around main deck, doesn’t have a full beam width as one might be used to on a yacht of this size. Having said that, features such as oversized side windows, a life-size skylight and the ample use of bright fabrics mean that a shortage of space will not likely be feeling one experience when spending time here.

The curved shapes are continued below deck as one descends down the spiralling staircase and pass two custom made marine-inspired art pieces before reaching the two identical twin cabins.

At the aft section of the accommodation deck is the master suite. Claydon Reeves made use of the stability provided by this part of the ship, along with the full width of Solis’ beam available down here. A smart use of white leather and fabrics paired with a strategic use of lighting makes this as bright a cabin as the VIP one deck above.

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To keep with the yacht’s relaxed and toned-down atmosphere, Solis has been fitted with 2 x Caterpillar C18 engines, each with 500kW of power. Even though these particular engines mean a slower top speed, the benefits gained from this propulsion package include more accessible space in the engine room as the engines are smaller, as well as reduced noise and vibration levels in key guest areas. With naval architecture by the renowned Van Oossanen Naval Architects, Solis comfortably cruises at 11.5 knots and is able to reach a transatlantic range of 3,800 nm while maintaining a speed of 10 knots.

By Charl van Rooy, photos by Thierry Ameller

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Тест-драйв Mulder76 Wheelhouse

Рождественский подарок

Сочетая в себе первоклассное качество и отличную мореходность, яхты голландской верфи Mulder гарантируют долгие годы удовольствия плаваний даже в самых суровых условиях. Новая Mulder 76 Wheelhouse демонстрирует все лучшие признаки породы.

За свою более чем 70-летнюю историю семейная верфь Mulder заслужила особенную репутацию. Благодаря своему безупречному исполнению и индивидуальному подходу к строительству, все яхты Mulder независимо от размера автоматически попадают в категорию premium. Процесс производства лично контролирует сам хозяин верфи Дирк Малдер-младший, тщательно оберегая репутацию верфи и семейного бизнеса, которым руководит последние 25 лет.

Mulder строит водоизмещающие, полуводоизмещающие и глиссирующие яхты, в модельном ряду компании стальные и алюминиевые лодки от 54 до 92 футов. Однако клиенты Mulder никак не ограничены в своем выборе: верфь специализируется на строительстве судов в сегменте custom, и модели в большинстве случаев становятся лишь базовыми проектами, помогая клиенту определиться со своими предпочтениями.

Компания работает с известными морскими архитекторами и интерьерными дизайнерами, в частности с Гвидо де Гротом, архитектурными бюро Vripack и Ginton. Все суда, построенные на верфи, проходят ходовые испытания в Северном море, где тихая и спокойная погода редка даже летом. Яхты Mulder с одинаковым успехом эксплуатируются в Британии и Средиземноморье, в Новой Зеландии и России, и по климатической универсальности с ними мало что может сравниться.

В декабре 2010 года началось строительство еще одной верфи, что откроет новую веху в истории компании, существенно расширив производственные возможности Mulder Shipyard и позволив ей строить яхты длиной до 40 метров. Пока же со стапелей старой верфи спущена новая модель — Mulder 76 Wheelhouse, ставшая самой большой в одноименной линейке моделей.

Яхта построена в строгом соответствии со всеми стандартами верфи и была встречена рынком как своеобразный рождественский подарок: первый экземпляр передали владельцу в предпраздничные недели, и он поспешил украсить яхту соответственно случаю. Впрочем, и в таком убранстве яхта выглядит очень гармонично, лишь подчеркивая то, что всем и так известно давно, — для лодок Mulder понятие сезонность отсутствует. Mulder 76 Wheelhouse — прекрасная возможность встретить не только зимние праздники на борту, но и пользоваться лодкой все холодное время года. Стальной корпус рассчитан на жесткие условия плавания и более надежен при столкновении с подводными объектами, которые встречаются и в море, и во внутренних водных путях.

В названии модели использовано слово wheelhouse, поэтому и начинать подробное знакомство с лодкой логично с рулевой рубки, которая вынесена на отдельную палубу. По замыслу создателей, лодка может эксплуатироваться в любую погоду, поэтому особенно важно, чтобы пост управления имел максимальный обзор. Остекление по периметру рубки полностью решает эту задачу. Верхняя палуба Mulder 76 — это не только пост управления, но и полноценное место для отдыха. Диванная зона, стол, мойка, холодильник, телевизионная панель — имея все это, гости смогут составить компанию рулевому, не отвлекая его от непосредственных обязанностей. Кормовая часть остекления рубки открывается, объединяя рубку и открытый кокпит, а огромный сдвижной люк в крыше позволяет иметь открытую или закрытую рубку в зависимости от погоды.

Пространства верхней палубы и главного салона, расположенного ниже и чуть впереди, воспринимаются, как единое целое, подчеркивая объемность интерьеров. Ступеньки рядом с постом управления ведут в главный салон. Слева по ходу камбуз с плитой, холодильником, посудомоечной машиной, шкафами для хранения кухонной утвари и небольшой барной стойкой. Камбуз является частью общего пространства салона, однако кухонные запахи не будут распространяться по всему помещению — за это отвечает мощная система вентиляции. Салон укомплектован большим U-образным диваном, столом, креслами и спрятанной внутри специальной консоли плазменной панелью.

Мастер-каюта расположена на нижней палубе, в кормовой ее части. Это большой сьют с огромной кроватью, диваном, гардеробом, просторной ванной комнатой. Здесь же на нижней палубе предусмотрено место для небольшой прачечной и бельевого хранилища. Две двухместные гостевые каюты находятся в носовой части лодки: одна с двуспальной кроватью, другая с одиночными полками. В носовой части жилой палубы находится еще один санузел, который также может использоваться в качестве дневного. В корме яхты по традиции расположен гараж, который скрывает внутри себя 12-футовый тендер. Два двигателя мощностью 425 л.с. каждый обеспечивают Mulder 76 Wheelhouse уверенный ход на скорости до 12 узлов.

Внутри яхты очень тепло и уютно, а цветовая гамма способствует хорошему настроению даже в самую серую и унылую погоду, которой изобилует зимняя Голландия и которая, к сожалению, не является редкостью и для России.

Интерьеры Mulder 76 Wheelhouse отделаны красным деревом, мебель выполнена в коже и текстиле светлых тонов. Впрочем, Mulder берется воплотить любые фантазии клиента — материалы, цветовые решения также, как и планировка палуб, полностью зависят от пожелания будущего хозяина яхты, ведь на яхтах Mulder нет серийных элементов: практически все, включая утки и кнехты, выполнены вручную, не говоря уже о деталях интерьера и мебели, которые в компании выделены в отдельное производство.


Mulder 76 Wheelhouse — великолепная всесезонная яхта, которой не страшна никакая непогода: при желании, вы сможете не только отметить зимние праздники на борту, но и пользоваться лодкой все холодное время года.

Технические характеристики Mulder 76 Wheelhouse

Solis — the feel-good family yacht from Mulder Shipyard

3 March 2016 by Cecile Gauert

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Small, family-owned shipyards have their own particular charm, especially in the Netherlands where yacht building traditions run deep. Mulder Shipyard, founded in 1938, is just such a place.

At one of its facilities, in Voorschoten not far from The Hague, ducks waddle out of a canal when the craftsmen take out their packed lunches on sunny days, a ritual set in motion by the sound of the lunchtime horn.

Mulder is also a growing business. In 2009 it delivered its largest custom boat to date, the 23.7 metre Eleonore that was inspired by classic Dutch motor yachts, and in 2010 the 28 metre Mimi became its flagship. At the time, managing director Dirk Mulder had the drawings for a larger, modern facility on his office walls.

Post recession, when almost everyone else was battening down the hatches, Mulder decided to go ahead with the expansion, breaking ground on his new yard in early 2011. By the spring of 2013, the new facility on the Old Rhine in Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk, South Holland, which includes two building sheds and drydocks for yachts of up to 45 metres, was operational.

This blend, of the family-owned business with a reputation for quality and its spotless new facility with efficiency built in, helped earn Mulder the contract to build its largest vessel to date, the 34 metre, 315 gross ton Solis.

The yacht’s owners, who are all siblings, asked their broker for recommendations on where to build their yacht. International Yacht Register broker William Molloy and Stephen White, project manager and IYR’s CEO, visited several northern European yards on behalf of their clients. Ultimately Mulder came out on top thanks to its set-up and ability to meet the aggressive delivery schedule.

The 34 metre Solis was built by Mulder Shipyard. All photos courtesy of Thierry Ameller

“What made a big difference was that our yard is brand new,” says Mulder. “They could see we have invested and that we had confidence in the future. We made the right decision [by expanding]. In the end it [Solis] was a decision based on quality, price and delivery time.”

“We were very impressed straight away with the yard,” says Molloy. “They do their own wood and steel work, and the way they do it shows plain Dutch efficiency.” Indeed, Mulder subcontracts hulls and superstructures to other Dutch yards but does everything else in-house, from the metalwork, polished to a jewel-like finish, to the impeccable joinery. A full floor is dedicated to woodwork and the interior is built outside of the hull.

For design, the owners went to James Claydon and Mike Reeves, who established their studio, the Lymington, UK-based Claydon Reeves, in 2010, with many years of experience between them. They came up with the design for an unconventional looking full-displacement yacht with a raised pilothouse and near plumb bow that combines a modern edge with classic details. The yacht eventually grew by a few metres, as projects tend to do.

The joining of hull and superstructure for BN100 (Solis’s yard number) in July 2014 was cause for celebration and the Mulder craftsmen marked the occasion with a barbecue. The yard’s family feel meshed well with the owners’ philosophy. Their goal was to build a harmonious, modern and human-size family yacht.

Solis was designed inside and out by UK-based Claydon Reeves

By the Monaco Yacht Show last autumn, she was finished and docked stern-to, revealing an impressive transom of cascading stairs that conceal the lazarette. In an empty slip to her starboard side, one of her great attributes, the fold-down balcony at the saloon level, lay open.

Light-filled, thanks to large windows and strategically placed skylights, the interior is reminiscent of the best European spas, with lots of wood and natural stone. After the heat and crowds on the dock, Solis and her honey-toned interior, soft, sound-absorbing carpets and high ceilings, offers a peaceful retreat.

The routes through the vessel — for example, from the aft deck to the saloon/dining area and forward to one of two VIP cabins, or down to the lower deck accommodation — offer few angles and no loud colours. Details, such as stitched leather louvres, are impeccably realised and lighting is placed to emphasise architectural features. Pictures of animals, plants and a portrait of an unadorned Brigitte Bardot are the only embellishments on the simple background.

One of the owners had the job of choosing the art. “I wanted to find pieces that were harmonious but from different disciplines; some photos, some commissioned pieces,” she says. “They echo the feel and the colours on the boat and her environment but they are also playful. For instance, in one of the cabins, there is a fun photo of dogs swimming. The children will like it but it’s also meant to remind adults to keep a childlike wonder.”

As for the picture of Bardot, she says: “I always liked this image. Brigitte Bardot, like us, has great empathy for nature and animals. She is also playful in this photo and emerging from a boat. I thought it was perfect and I was happy that my siblings agreed.”

The light-filled main saloon has its own fold-down balcony

The interior shows how well Claydon Reeves translated the desires of the owners, who conceived Solis (which is Latin for sun or sunlight) as a kind of anti-superyacht. In some ways it feels more like the interior of a sailing yacht than a conventional motor yacht. “[Solis] is a human boating experience,” says Molloy, who sums up her key features as being “leisure, respect for nature, well-being, luxury without ostentation”.

Since its inception, Claydon Reeves has produced compelling sailing and motor yacht concepts featuring sculptural shapes, occasionally inspired by the partners’ backgrounds in automotive design. The company also designs custom furniture.

They approach design from an architectural point of view and find inspiration in natural forms, which is evident on this yacht, even if Solis also mirrors the clients’ wishes. The family was intimately involved in the design, entrusting White, from IYR, with all technical aspects.

«The furniture pieces, like the corridors themselves, are curved. The coffee tables are abstract, marine-inspired forms and even the beds are devoid of sharp angles»

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“Our boat has been thought of as a source of energy, joy, balance and unity for all her guests,” say the owners. “It is meant to be a bridge between water and sky, the elements, the inside and the outside. Indeed everything is inter-related. All circulations have been thought of as flowing like water and make you feel relaxed and at home. All Solis’s shapes have been inspired by forms found in nature.”

Instead of using a variety of materials, the designers used oak primarily, treating it with different finishes and using the grain in various directions for subtle contrast. The furniture pieces, like the corridors themselves, are curved. The coffee tables are abstract marine-inspired forms and even the beds are devoid of sharp angles.

The fabrics, paints and marbles are sand- and water-coloured, while, on the lower deck, murals in bronze and resin convey the feeling of swimming among a school of fish.

Solis’s sun deck features an intimate dining area forward and a spa pool with spacious sun pads aft. Flexibility is such that the space can be cleared to allow yoga sessions on deck, while a running machine is hidden beneath the decking for exercise

Just as sinuous as the design details are the solutions the designers adopted to make the spaces versatile on this modestly sized yacht. The top deck is split into two distinct areas: forward, there is a cosy dining area and in the aft part are sunpads and a spa pool.

Part of the pool’s wooden surround can be adjusted to create a bar, which can be accessed from the water or from the other side where there are stools. With these removed this deck area is a perfect space for yoga sessions and there is also a running machine hidden below the decking.

The aft deck one level below is another flexible space. “The sofas here convert into a large sunlounger, creating a split-level external beach club with direct contact with the sea. Large terrace doors connect the space with the interior and effectively create one large sea lounge,” says Reeves.

Step change: the main deck aft becomes a raised beach club with steps down to the bathing platform

Practicality is built in with the raised pilothouse design. The crew of up to seven enjoys comfortable quarters, with a mess and cabins built to the new LY3’s roomy standards. “The crew spends more time on board than we do, so we wanted them to be comfortable,” say the owners.

The designers worked on 15 iterations of the crew area to maximise their space, says Reeves. They can circulate quickly and discreetly through a corridor that runs alongside and beneath the raised bridge on the port side.

The bridge itself has an inviting sofa for guests to watch navigation and the extra height at which it is placed has added benefits. “We were able to give the crew a lovely pantry,” says Reeves. The pantry is connected to the main deck by a discreet door.

Solis’s bridge has an inviting sofa for guests to watch navigation

Even the diesel engines are consistent with the overall theme. The compact footprint of the two modestly powered Caterpillar C18s allowed more space for accommodation. “We wanted a boat that is stable, comfortable and that would not pollute too much. We chose stability and comfort over speed,” the owners say.

The displacement yacht, which features naval architecture by Van Oossanen, has a top speed of 13 knots and a transatlantic range. Accordingly, the owners are planning trips to diverse locations, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and the Norwegian fjords. In the Caribbean, they are thinking of sharing Solis with others and are considering a charter programme.

Solis was a successful project that has been a pleasure to be associated with,” says White. Mulder has since begun another collaboration with Claydon Reeves, on a second and larger yacht. It seems that Solis may be starting a family of her own.

Яхты Малдер

Яхты Mulder выпускаются с 1938 года, весьма традиционная и консервативная голландская компания, до сих пор полностью принадлежащая семье основателя. Для компании главное не количество а качество, ведь главное довольные клиенты а не прибыль и плохие отзывы о многочисленных яхтах “на скорую руку”. Дизайном занимаются известные дизайнеры, а материалы подбираются самые эксклюзивные и качественные, поэтому компания одна из лучших.

Mulder Yachts

Сейчас верфью руководит уже третье поколение семьи Малдер, сохраняя и приумножая ценности компании. Признанные по всему миру яхты славятся сочетанием первоклассных технологий, высококачественных материалов и классического голландского дизайна. А в работе по дереву мастерам верфи Mulder нет равных.

В сотрудничестве с гибкой в производстве верфью мы предлагаем вам заказать строительство яхты Малдер. На сегодняшний день компания предлагает моторные суда длиной от 13 до 45 метров из серий Favorite, Convertible, Wheelhouse, Flybrige, среди которых спортивные и водоизмещающие яхты, суда с флайбриджем и суперяхты, а также траулеры. Инновационная концепция „Built by Mulder” предлагает реализовать собственный проект яхты, используя высочайшее мастерство сотрудников верфи в сотрудничестве с ведущими архитекторами.

Нидерландская верфь Mulder, ведущая строительство 30-метровой флайбриджной суперъяхты с алюминиевым корпусом, продемонстрировала, каким будет интерьер новинки. Авторство дизайна принадлежит Франку Лаупману из бюро Omega Architects. В декоре Mulder 98 Flybridge широко использована древесина американского ореха, панели из кожи и разнообразные детали из полированной стали в современном стиле. Интерьер яхты будет целиком и полностью создан собственным ателье верфи. Также Mulder объявила о заключении контракта на строительство второго корпуса яхты Bellagio для владельца из России.


Mulder Shipyard — весьма традиционная и консервативная голландская компания, до сих пор полностью принадлежащая семье Малдер. В 2011 году верфь вложила €7 млн в строительство новых эллингов, которые позволили строить суда длиной до 45 м и увеличить количество яхт в работе до 20 единиц, включая рефиты. Помимо существующих semi-custom линеек Favorite, Flybridge, Convertible и Wheelhouse компания реализует уникальные проекты совместно с ведущими голландскими дизайнерами, включая Франка Лаупмана, Гвидо де Грута и Ярона Гинтона.

Mulder Shipyard не стремится наращивать объемы производства, составляющие 3–4 корпуса в год, но при этом отличается значительной гибкостью в плане кастромизаци и предоставляемых услуг. Основной задачей верфи является строительство качественных яхт с сохранением разумной, не заоблачной стоимости, хотя по желанию заказчика голландцы из Зутервауде могут воплотить в жизнь любые требования.

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